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Resize, Tilt, and Drag your logo with two-finger gestures.


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Can I use any logo?

Check with the organization who owns it first. We don’t want you to get into trouble.

How many logos can I use?

That completely depends on the size of your SD card on your device!

I can’t seem to rotate my image

Increase your image (using two fingers) and then rotate. It’s easier.

My company wants utilities like this with built-in logos. Do you do that?

We’d love to! Please contact us!

When is your iPhone and iPad version out?

It’s almost done! Should be pretty soon.

My phone doesn’t have a capture button. How do I take a photo?

Try the search button. If that doesn’t work, contact us with through the contact screen.

The logo I downloaded looks ugly. What do I do?

Sometimes logos from websites don’t look right or are not the right resolution. Contact your organization to see if they have a high resolution image with a transparent background. If they need help modifying it, have them contact

I want to save the image on my Camera and not share it.

We’ve saved your image. It is in the BYP directory. Use Files Explorer or Media Viewer to find it.

How are my logo's added to Brand Your Photo?

They are added as Logo1.png, Logo2.png, etc. You may manually detach the files to the BYP directory and rename them at will to follow that file format.